CJC Membership

By joining the Creative Jazz Club you are joining a proactive community of musicians who are committed to furthering the development of improvised music in NZ. As a CJC member, you get the chance to support and be a part of your community’s growth with the opportunity to perform as part of its creative program.

Other Member benefits include a discounted entrance fee on the door.

Membership fees are currently moving to coincide with the CJC season which runs from February to early December. Fees for 2019 will remain at $40 commencing in February.

if you are renewing your membership between now and September we are offering a special rate of $20 for the remainder of 2018, or $60 for the 2019 season as well.

Please email the following details to us at cjc@creativejazzclub.co.nz

First & Last Name:
Gender (because some names don't make it obvious):
Instrument (if applicable):
How did you hear about CJC?

Thank you for your support!