04 July 2018 - Jonathan Besser & The Zestniks @ Backbeat Bar

04 July 2018 - Jonathan Besser & The Zestniks @ Backbeat Bar
100 Karangahape Rd
$15 Door charge
$10 CJC members / students
$5 Student members


Peau Halapua - Violin
Sophie Buxton - Viola
John Bell - Vibraphone
Nigel Gavin - Guitar
Carolina Moon - Vocals
Jonathan Besser - Piano
Eamon Edmudson-Wells - Double Bass
Alistair Deverick - Drums

The Zestniks are a band of leading Auckland musicians performing Jonathan Besser's contrapuntal Bach inspired Gimel tunes, mixed with rhythmic improvisations, all infused with New York Jewish aesthetics.

For the 'Back Beat Bar' performance the Zestniks will feature singer Carolina Moon, Jvibraphonist John Bell, as well as the virtuoso Guitarist Nigel Gavin. The Zestniks will perform some of the 18 pieces of Besser's 2012 'Gimel 1 Suite'. The is 'Gimel 1 Suite' was originally performed with a smaller band, which toured the music all around New Zealand (with Art's On tour) in 2012, and also performed in Sydney's 'Shir Madness' Jewish Music festival that year. See reviews below.

One special song is called 'A Man Dig's A Hole', it's a tango number from the late great, Warwick Brodhead's (1997) show, 'The Life and Times of Constance Flux'- Warwick sung it dressed as an authentic 1800's sea captain.

Besser and the Zestniks have a new 'live at the Golden Dawn' CD coming out later in July.

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Backbeat Bar