25 April 2018 - Callum Passells "Flightless Birds" @ Backbeat Bar

25 April 2018 - Callum Passells "Flightless Birds" @ Backbeat Bar
100 Karangahape Rd
$15 Door charge
$10 CJC members / students
$5 Student members


Callum Passells - Alto Saxophone
Ben Sinclair - Tenor Saxophone
Tom Dennison - Bass
Adam Tobeck - Drums

Bebop in the 1940s and 50s, pioneered by Charlie "Bird" Parker, was in many ways the pinnacle of African American artistic expression; both cerebral and with great heart and joy, jazz reached new heights of artistry, musicianship, and countercultural significance. The black experience has an apt metaphor in Bird, whose genius has soared high on the winds of history, outpaced adversity and the march of time, and migrated around the globe.

Well, down here in New Zealand most of our birds don't fly. But we do our best.

Inspired by his study in New York City with Bill McHenry, the birds singing around his bedroom, and the beautiful and unique musical culture in Auckland, New Zealand, Callum Passells is excited to present a brand new quartet, FLIGHTLESS BIRDS, brimming with original music. At CJC the band will give their very own personal, earthy, free-roaming yet permanently grounded iteration of last century's greatest folk tradition. Don't miss it.

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Doors open approx 7.30pm

Backbeat Bar