18 April 2018 - Samsom, Nacey, Haines Trio @ Backbeat Bar

18 April 2018 - Samsom, Nacey, Haines Trio @ Backbeat Bar
100 Karangahape Rd
$15 Door charge
$10 CJC members / students
$5 Student members

Samsom Nacey Haines Trio trio has been in existence since 2008 as a working group. They have recorded 3 albums in that time and are looking forward to recording in the future.

This is a fully collaborative trio with no one member as it's leader.

The tunes for this concert are a "work in progress," as each member works on various parts so the music is constantly in a state of flux.

On drums is Ron Samsom who is currently the head of Jazz Studies at the University of Auckland.

Dixon Nacey playing guitar is a particularly well known player and educator of guitar in New Zealand and through his on-line videos, is also well known overseas. He is also the principle guitar teacher at Auckland University Jazz Studies.

Kevin Haines is the bass player and has some 60 years experience in various groups and has also worked with many overseas musicians. He is currently teaching bass at Auckland University.

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Doors open approx 7.30pm

Backbeat Bar